not everyone is a good fit... are you?

You value team and believe in the diversity of perspective.

You don't like molds. You've never fit into one and know future success is about casting your own mold.

You believe that great consultants listen, understand your strengths, and help devise strategies that align appropriately.

You are just as passionate about helping as you are succeeding.

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Why is there a waiting list? Because Small Business USA only creates boards that make sense. To create a board with ONLY non-competing businesses would be self-serving. Our goal is to create boards that offer more than our members expect.

Completing this form does not guarantee you or your business a place on a Peer Advisory Board.

This form also does not indicate a commitment to join Small Business USA, LLC.   Small Business USA reserves the right to deny membership.  Small Business USA LLC prides itself on building a diverse community that does not discriminate based on gender, race, age, sexuality, disability, religion, or political affiliation.

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