Peer Advisory Boards


Those we choose to surround ourselves with will impact the way we think, act and feel on a daily basis. 

We surround our business owners and CEOs with people who will push them to become better., inspire them to bring their business and team to the next level, and who will help make connections that will grow their business.  They will tell you when you've gone off the rails and will be there when you don't know which way to turn.  They will help with strategy while helping see their ability.

This is not a place to brainstorm ideas, this is a place where entrepreneurs build their future.

Investor Liaisons


USA Today surveyed 40,000 executives.  97% said they would lie to their boss to protect their job or their relationship.  

Small Business USA created this division to protect your investments while giving your businesses a safe place to discuss their challenges. We also know, that each one of your CEOs will need support making the right decisions around infrastructure builds, long-term decision making, marketing, communication, leadership, and managing talent.

Through a combined strategy of Peer Advisory Boards and Specialized service, Small Business USA is protecting your investments. 

Specialized Services


Business moves fast and sometimes you need help catching up.

At Small Business USA, we do not feel indebted to cookie-cutter strategies to drive results.  Every specialized service is tailored specifically to your business' needs.  Managing 2020 legal compliance changes or teaching time management should not be a one-size proposition.  We take your culture, business,  budget and time into consideration before creating a solution that answers your need.

We offer a full scope of HR, organizational effectiveness, leadership, and compliance training.