No. Everyone is not invited.


Why?  Because not everyone is the right fit.  Small Business USA members don't fit in a mold, they break them.  They move fast and bring others with them.

Learn more about what it takes to become a member of Small Business USA on our Waitlist page.

Smaller boards, more support


We could make a lot more money if we created large boards of 12+ CEOs. but we don't believe your business will get the time and support you deserve.  We prefer to find 4-8 CEO's who complement each other and have the time to build relationships at a different level. 

Yes. Our meetings are virtual.


 We've done both.  Virtual is better.  Period.

We've found that being out of the office once a month to sit in a board meeting all day is not how our members like spending their time.  By eliminating the stress of lost time, traffic, and expense, our clients now have more time to build relationships and support each other. 

Yes. We build better networks.


Because of our refined strategy, our CEOs build better relationships..   The Small Business USA strategy around creating the RIGHT boards with the RIGHT people, and investing time in building relationships, is a key differentiator from our competition.    

We employ qualified consultants who run our boards and completely understand your business--and more importantly--you.  We never want you to feel like a job. 

Time is Money.


 It's not a coincidence that most consultants charge by the hour.  We believe that by charging one affordable rate monthly (a fraction of the cost of our competition with no hidden fees), keeping our board meetings to 2 hours a month, and by making our entire team accessible whenever you need us, we are far more effective.  More importantly, you get the support and attention you need without the wasted time and expense. 

What makes us better?


Everything above is novel compared to what really makes a difference.  Our consultants, our leadership team, and everyone on your board sign our coveted Board Participation Agreement.  This makes us better.  There is a code of conduct we adhere to that involves truth, collaboration, accountability, and participation.  Everyone is present.  Everyone is engaged.  Everyone is responsible.  Everyone leaves every board meeting with clear direction, with their job as CEO made easier, and with a team they know they can call any time of day.  

This is Small Business USA.

About Us


Colleen Ferrary Bader


Colleen created Small Business USA in 2012 when she recognized the failure rate of small business was directly related to the lack of resources and tools afforded large corporations.  

The daughter of an entrepreneur, Colleen saw first hand how difficult small business could be.  She instead, climbed the corporate ladder where she led a team of 3000+ for over 10 years before answering her entrepreneurial call.

Colleen interviewed hundreds of small business owners.  She was shocked by the amount of conflicting advice they received from consultants.  She was appalled by the number of advisers who had never run a successful business yet believed it was okay to dole out expensive advice. 

So Colleen was committed to creating a better way--an AFFORDABLE SOLUTION to a very real problem.

Always believing in the power of many, Colleen created Small Business USA with $1000 by following the road map she had created.  She recruited a diverse team of successful business leaders who became her Peer Advisory Board.  She later recruited the best consultants she could find to be a part of her organization.  Together, years later, this team has supported hundreds of businesses and has incredible results proving its efficacy..